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We have designed a route around Palestine to inform and educate riders about life under occupation. Interested in coming along for the ride?

You will challenge expectations, bear witness to the occupation, show solidarity, meet the people of Palestine and make friends with a diverse group of fellow riders.

PCF’s Laura Abraham has been running cycle trips in Palestine since 2004, when she first organised a cycling visit under the banner Peace Cycle. The trips have an excellent reputation on the ground, fundraised thousands of pounds for charities and created lasting advocates out of its riders.

Take advantage of our contacts and expertise and join us on a new, carefully planned ten day small group visit, from 24 October to 3 November 2019.

We can support individuals with ideas and support for fundraising towards the cost of the trip.

“Cycling into those towns and villages and seeing all those people coming out to greet us was exhilarating, but hearing their real stories, the way their lives are affected in ordinary and extraordinary ways, that was the most unforgettable thing of all,” said past riders Patty and Bernhard from the USA.

Places are now closed for Just Cycle 2019. However, register your interest below if you’d like to be contacted for future cycle rides with us in Palestine.

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Just Cycle’s History: A journey from Peace to Justice:

The Peace Cycle began in 2004, founded by PCF’s Laura Abraham. It exposes people to Palestine and advocates for justice through cycling.

On its initial event, twenty-five cyclists from ten countries rode together from the UK to Palestine. As they travelled, they were joined by many more, some just for the day, some joining for the whole remainder of the journey.

The youngest rider was 12, the oldest 60, and the group consisted of men and women from many different cultures and faiths, including Muslims, Christians and Jews.

After carrying their message across Europe, the group received an astounding welcome in the West Bank, including an official meeting with then President Yasser Arafat.

The Peace Cycle continued running rides which promoted the Palestinian cause.

A second group rode from London to Jerusalem in 2006.

Then, in 2009, cyclists rode from the UK to the International Courts of Justice in the Hague and the European Parliament in Brussels. The group hand delivered a petition signed by almost 20,000 calling on the EU to suspend its Association Agreement with Israel until it respected human rights and international law.

In 2008, 2009 and 2013, three groups rode from Amman to Jerusalem, in the process raising £10,000 for Medical Aid for Palestinians and £5,000 for the Oyooni Mobile Eye Clinic.

This film was made of the first Peace Cycle in 2004

We are proud of the successes of the Peace Cycle and the dozens of advocates it created around the world, with every rider vowing to continue advocating for peace and justice for Palestine.

However, after careful reflection and close attention to what Palestinian voices are saying, we now feel the name ‘Peace Cycle’ no longer reflects the reality of the situation in Palestine. For that reason, under Palestine Foundation Community, the Peace Cycle is now the Just Cycle as after all, without justice, there cannot be peace.